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Type of Meal (Sweet Pickle)

Nimboo Ka Achaar

Mostly with Lunch/ Dinner

Maturing Time : 1 month


Lemon - 25(nos.)
Sugar - 2 kg
Turmeric pd - 2 teaspoon
Cumin pd(roasted) - 50 gm
Red chilli pd - 150 gm
Asafoetida[hing] (roasted) - 1/2 teaspoon
Salt-100 gm
Water - 1.25 lit.


Lemon Preperation

1. Wash and dry lemons thoroughly.
2. Cut the lemon into 4 equal parts. Put lemon pieces into a sterilized jar, add salt and turmeric powder.
3. Cover and keep the jar out in the sun for one month
Note: Make sure that you Shake the jar at least twice a day.
4. After maturation of one month, put out lemon pieces separately on a dry plate under fan air in a room.

Syrup preparation

5. Mix sugar with water. Let it simmer on medium heat, keep stirring in between, till one string of consistency.
(to check 1 string consistency of the syrup, put one drop between your forefinger and thumb, slowly move fingers apart. If one thin string or thread is there, that means syrup is ready)
6. Add lemon pieces in the syrup on medium heat, cook till pieces come to the upper layer of the syrup. Keep aside for cooling.
7. Put it in dried glass jar.
8. Add red chilli pd., cumin pd. and asafoetida to the jar.Mix properly.
9. Keep the jar in sun for 1 day.
10. Enjoy the Lemon Pickle.

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